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Can minors buy e-cigarettes?

Can minors buy e-cigarettes, which are gaining popularity nowadays?

Can minors buy e-cigarettes, which are gaining popularity nowadays?

In addition, is it against the law for minors to smoke e-cigarettes due to the accelerated legalization of cigarettes? This section summarizes the issue of "Is it against the law for minors to smoke e-cigarettes?

There are a wide variety of e-cigarettes, but please take a look at the "situation of e-cigarettes for minors," including the harmful effects of smoking by minors.

Can minors smoke e-cigarettes?

In Japan, smoking by minors is not allowed by law, and especially since the lowering of the age of minors has been discussed in recent years, it is possible that smoking will be punished more severely in the future in accordance with the ordinance to prevent passive smoking. However, the treatment of e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes is somewhat different from that of paper cigarettes, and many people may wonder, "What is the actual law? What is the actual law?

Are e-cigarettes safe as long as they are not harmful?

What exactly are the criteria for an e-cigarette to be smoked by minors? E-cigarettes are called VAPEs, which allow you to enjoy the taste of vapor, and many products are sold that do not contain nicotine or tar.

The sale of items containing nicotine and tar, such as heated cigarettes and paper cigarettes, to minors is prohibited by law, and some liquids are also included in e-cigarettes.

Strictly speaking, this means that products that do not fall under the category of tobacco, such as beauty items that do not contain nicotine, tar, or other harmful substances, are not problematic.

Some products can be inhaled.

In Japan, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law prohibits the handling of nicotine-containing liquids, which can be imported by individuals but cannot be purchased by minors.

Recently, a wide variety of e-cigarettes containing fruit and other flavors that do not contain toxic substances are available, but this does not mean that smoking by minors is permitted.

E-cigarettes manufacturer available in Japan do not contain nicotine or tar and are popular as beauty products containing collagen, vitamin B, and other beauty ingredients.

E-cigarettes that have gained popularity among young people overseas

The JUUL e-cigarette has become popular among young people overseas at a rapid pace. JUUL, which can be said to be a worldwide hit, also comes in a wide variety of liquids that do not contain nicotine or other harmful substances, making it an e-cigarette that is supported by a wide range of people because it can be used in a way that suits them.

Can minors buy e-cigarettes?

Is it possible for minors to purchase e-cigarettes? In Japan, any e-cigarette can be sold as an electronic cigarette. Can a minor really buy an e-cigarette? Let's think about it.

They cannot be purchased at mass merchandisers or convenience stores.

E-cigarettes can be easily purchased at a variety of stores, including mass merchandisers, convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstores.

However, since e-cigarettes are basically a smoking device and age verification is required, minors cannot purchase them. It is also against the law for minors to purchase e-cigarettes by falsifying their age, so please do not do so!

They are also sold on mail-order websites.

Minors can purchase e-cigarettes as long as they are beauty products that do not fall under the category of smoking products. That said, there is a high possibility that some manufacturers prohibit minors from purchasing them, but there are some pseudo-products that can be purchased, such as a type of e-cigarette that is rich in health ingredients.

However, whether or not they can be purchased depends greatly on the ingredients, and their harmfulness to minors in terms of health is unknown, so it is best to assume that minors basically cannot buy them.

Harmfulness and precautions of e-cigarettes

Some e-cigarettes are not problematic, but most common "e-cigarettes" are prohibited for sale to minors. In addition, since the ingredients of e-cigarettes, such as liquid, vary depending on the medium, the purchase of e-cigarettes by minors can be very risky and potentially dangerous. So, "Can't minors use them?" and make sure you are aware of the safety aspects of the product.

Are electronic cigarettes really safe?

The first problem with the safety of dispoable e-cigarette is that the harmfulness of the ingredients contained in e-cigarettes has not yet been clarified.

In Japan, there are certainly a variety of strict screening procedures in place, but these are based on the premise that the product is manufactured for use by adults. However, recently, there are e-cigarettes that have been manufactured with health considerations in mind, and these products are very safe, especially energy-type products and caffeinated products, which are popular among students.

Enjoy e-cigarettes with good manners!

E-cigarettes should be enjoyed with the same rules and manners as cigarettes and heated cigarettes.

There are also products that can be enjoyed by minors when they want to refresh themselves for a change of pace, not for the purpose of smoking.

In particular, low-priced e-cigarettes that allow efficient intake of energy drinks and caffeine have recently gained popularity and are easily available on many mail-order sites, but in any case, as long as you are in Japan, you should not start smoking until you are well into adulthood.

Smoking is a very sensitive issue in today's society, so it is important to follow the rules of society and create a better environment for smokers without causing any inconvenience to those around them.

JUUL is gaining popularity as the first smoking item for adults, and it is the perfect e-cigarette for your debut with low price and the liquid of your choice, so enjoy the best flavors with JUUL when you come of age!